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PYO 2021 has now finished - thank you for your custom and we hope to see you in 2022.

Please read the following notes, they will help you get the best out of your PYO experience this season. We will be operating a booking system again this year. This enables us to avoid overcrowding and the sort of traffic issues that were becoming a problem pre-Covid. During the summer holidays we are now asking that you book before you come, without a booking you will be refused entry - this applies to every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.


BOOKING (Monday to Sunday)

On these days you will need to purchase a Fruit Voucher for each person in order to pick fruit at the farm. 

Every adult and every child will need a voucher costing £2.10 each, of which 10p is a booking fee. Babes in arms do not need a voucher.

When you have finished picking your produce is weighed and charged by weight. Your Fruit Voucher value (£2) will be deducted from the total bill, providing the produce is equal to or of a higher value than the voucher price. 

No refunds will be given if the fruit value is under the voucher amount. Vouchers are non-refundable or exchangeable. 

**65 and over or people with a disability and their family/carers can enter between 9am and 10am on a weekday without booking, as long as we are open**



Availability of ripe fruit to pick varies daily depending on the weather and how busy we have been so, unfortunately, it is not possible to book ahead. Vouchers to pick will be released from 7pm every evening for the next day. The number of vouchers released will depend on the amount of ripe fruit available.

Sometimes it will be necessary for us to close the PYO to allow fruit to ripen, so some dates may not be available. On occasion, we can release additional slots on previously ‘sold out’ days so please keep checking.

Subscribers to our email list will receive an email every evening with picking prospects for the next day and confirmation of whether we will be open or closed. These details will be posted on our website as well.



We have containers to purchase on entry or you are welcome to use your own (make sure you get them weighed prior to entry so we know how much to deduct). We highly recommend keeping our containers for future use as it aids us at the till point and is great for the environment! They are very durable, and you can use them again and again.



We will have hand washing facilities available and/or also suggest bringing hand gel to use prior to entering the fields. You will be greeted by a member of staff who will have containers available for purchase with a card and give you a brief on what is available for picking. Our staff will need to check your fruit voucher(s) – you will not be able to pick if you have not bought a voucher in advance.



This year we have decided not to implement the time consuming and sometimes complicated one way system but are relying on our customers to be sensible and always maintain social distancing. Children must be well supervised at all times.

All fruit picked must be paid for so please ensure you don’t over pick and that children are picking ripe fruit. No fruit is to be consumed prior to payment (fruit growing is expensive and requires a great deal of care and time, so please respect our workforce).

This year we ask that you spend no more than 60 minutes in the PYO fields.



Please maintain your distance in the queue. We ask you use contactless payment where possible. As previously mentioned if attending on a day where you have purchased a fruit voucher this will be deducted from your payment at the end with a minimum spend of £2 per entrant, please have your vouchers ready.


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Mary and her friends looking for the last of the season’s strawberries