Pick Your Own

PYO 2023

Please read the following notes – they will help you get the best out of your PYO experience this season.

We may not be open for picking every day if we have been very busy or the weather has been poor for ripening. So always check before you travel to the farm. Our PYO Latest News page has all the up-to-date information. You can also sign up to our mailing list to get the latest news to your inbox.

You will need to buy a picking voucher* for everyone coming to pick (except babes in arms). This helps us match the amount of ripe fruit available to the number of people coming to pick.

Picking vouchers will be available to buy from our ticketing page. We will release vouchers after closing time for the following day if we decide there is enough fruit to open.

During our peak season we will routinely open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with some tickets released a week in advance. If these sell out, please check again the evening before as we will release more vouchers if there is enough ripe fruit.

Vouchers cost £3 per person but you will be refunded £2 at the till point as long as you pick £2 worth of fruit

Late Season Vouchers will reflect the reduced amount of fruit available, these will cost £1 with £0.50 refunded at the till per voucher purchased, as long as you pick £0.50 worth of fruit

We regard a visit to the pick your own as more than just an opportunity to pick fruit, most visitors enjoy seeing the animals when they come, and the children like to ride on the toy tractors. We have provided these attractions for many years, free of charge to our customers. With increasing costs to the business we feel the £1 or £0.50 retained from your PYO voucher will help us continue to run these additional attractions all year round.

You will need to present your voucher at the entrance to the PYO – you will NOT be able to enter if you have not bought a ticket in advance. We will redeem your voucher at the till point when paying for your fruit.


*Over 65s only and people with a disability and their family/carers can pick during the first hour (opening times vary in the late season) without booking (weekdays only), IF we are open.

*School children and their families can attend between 3 and 4pm (we usually close at 4:30pm) without booking (weekdays & TERM TIME only), IF we are open.


Other points:

All fruit picked must be paid for so please make sure you don’t over pick and that children are picking ripe fruit.

Children must be supervised at all times.

No fruit is to be eaten before payment. We recommend washing your fruit before eating.

Containers are available to buy at the entrance which you can re-use each time you come. You can also bring your own containers, but please ask us to weigh them before you enter so we can deduct their weight when you come to pay.


PYO at Lathcoats Farm