Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our farm shop, coffee house and Pick Your Own customers with our own delicious fruit together with the best food from other small, trusted producers around our region. Our typical supplier is a small family business with a real passion for what they do, and buying from local producers means fewer food miles in your shopping basket.

In our fields we have reduced the need for sprays to a minimum.In our orchards we use pheromone traps and disrupters to control caterpillar pests. Our orchard edges, hedgerows and grasslands are managed to attract beneficial insects which help in the control of pests.

Our strawberries are grown on a tabletop system and with plenty of air circulating around the plants the use of fungicides is greatly reduced. With the fruit no longer resting on soggy straw the problem of slugs disappears.

We are proud to be members of the Essex Wildlife Trust and our farm is home to a wide range of plants, birds and animals. Our farmyard swallows are a particular favourite, but we also have some impressive winter visitors too, like fieldfares, redwings, and woodcocks.

Essex Wildlife trust