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You can now come and choose your Christmas Tree from the farm! Place a deposit through our online booking system then come and choose your perfect tree from the field. Let our staff know when you want to collect and it will be ready for you when the time comes - if you live in a CM2 postcode we can arrange delivery - again speak to a member of staff for more information.


OR why not Rent a Christmas Tree!

It is our approach to a more sustainable Christmas! We love the concept and hope you will too. We grow our rent a Christmas trees in pots from small saplings, therefore they are not very big when we first rent them out, in fact over their life in a pot they are unlikely to exceed 5 foot. The tree will stay with you over Christmas (no longer than 3 weeks) ensuring it is well watered and looked after and then returned to the farm in the first week of January. We like the idea of a Christmas tree growing up with the family, maybe being given a name and therefore allow the same tree to be rented back to its family each year. The tree should have a life of around 5 years in the pots at which point they will be planted in the ground, either in our Christmas tree field for experiences held at the farm or in your own garden!

To order yours now place a deposit through our online booking system then come and select your rented tree!


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