Pick Your Own Latest News

PYO is open on Saturday 15th June 2024, HOWEVER we are SOLD OUT - there will be NO on the door ticket sales so if you haven't got a ticket, please do not travel.

When we open booking is required*

Crops available for picking:

Crop Price Availability
Strawberries £6.95/kg Picking in all far outdoor blocks, the polytunnel and the polyhouse - could be limited by the end of the day.
Redcurrants £6.95/kg First few ready to pick, enter the nets and head to the furthest 2 rows.
Raspberries £9.50/kg Only a few ready for the early morning pickers, loads to come!


Crops NOT available:

Crop Price Availability
Apples £2.50/kg Not Ready
Apricots £5.45/kg Not Ready
Blackcurrants £6.95/kg Not long to go
Boysenberries £9.50/kg Not Ready
Cherries £10.95/kg Under spray interval, will re-open next week.
Cobnuts £5.45/kg Not Ready
Gooseberries £5.95/kg Early crop finished, later crop not ready
Loganberries £9.50/kg Not long to go
Plums £4.95/kg Not Ready
Dwarf Beans £8.50/kg Not Ready
Courgettes £3.75/kg Not Ready
Cucumbers £3.75/kg Not Ready
Runner Beans £8.50/kg Not Ready
Sweetcorn 0.95 per cob Not Ready
Cut Flowers £5 per bunch Not Ready
Sunflowers £1.50 per stem Not Ready


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*Over 65s only and people with a disability and their family/carers can pick during the first hour (opening times vary in the late season) without booking (weekdays only), IF we are open.

*School children and their families can attend between 3 and 4pm (we usually close at 4:30pm) without booking (weekdays & TERM TIME only), IF we are open.