PYO season drawing to a close

Posted 06 July 2018

Pick Your Own News for Saturday 7th July

The end of the main PYO season is very near but we will be open today from 9 to 2:45

I will give an honest assessment of what fruit there is to pick as I know that many people travel some distances to pick our fruit

and there certainly isn't enough fruit across the fields to satisfy the numbers of people who have come the last 3 weekends

Strawberries - there are very few good quality berrries to pick now. Only for very keen pickers!

Raspberries - they continue to provide a limited amnount of ripe berries for picking. They tend to run out after the first 2 or 3 hours of the day.

Blackcurrants - there is still a good supply of these to pick.

Redcurrants - nearly finished

Tummelberries - still plenty of these to pick but probably won't last much longer

Cherries - these have been well picked now but there are still some to find, particularly at the far end of the nets


Please note the overflow car park that we have used the last 3 weekends is not available this weekend


Please note that availability can change from day to day and we may not be open every day. For this reason we recommend that you get up to date information that we are open before travelling. You can hear a recorded message that is updated every evening by calling 01245 353021 option 3.