Mon 2nd July PYO re-opens

Posted 01 July 2018

The PYO will re-open on Monday 2nd July

We will open from 9 to 5. Here is a full crop report:

Gooseberries - finished

Strawberries - sad to say that the end of the season is not far off but at the moment careful pickers should still be able to find some. It will require discipline though to come back with a nice sample avoiding berries that have gone over - these look dull and dark and also may appear bruised and will not keep at all. Look for shiny bright ones.

Raspberries - not available in huge numbers but early pickers will find some nice plump berries - pick fully ripe ones, need to be a proper raspberry red and NOT merely orangey pink.

Currants - plenty of blackcurrants and a decent amount of redcurrants still to pick. Probably the best time to pick blackcurrants.

Tummelberries - lots of these to pick now, great for jam or stewing and serving with ice cream. Again it is important to pick them fully ripe - should be a deep mauve colour, darker than a ripe raspberry.

Cherries - we are going to open the cherry net today (Monday 2nd July) some nice cherries to pick now