Orchard Experience

Please note: registration for The Orchard Experience for 2017 is now closed.

If you love apples but don't have the space in your garden for a tree why not try our Orchard Experience scheme? It also makes a great gift or activity for schools or clubs.

Visit your tree as the apples develop and then be part of the harvest in the autumn. All of the apples on the tree are yours to pick and enjoy.

Lathcoats Orchard Experience for 2017 will open on 1st December 2016 and trees will be allocated early next summer once the crop has set. To request more information or to ask for a registration form please email us from the contact page in the menu bar above.


Interested in apple growing?

John Guest writes a very interesting blog about the English apples industry at www.theenglishappleman.com (please note there is no connection between this and Lathcoats Farm)

If you wish to buy trees for your garden www.keepers-nursery.co.uk offers plenty of advice and a large range of varieties for sale (though we have not dealt with them ourselves)