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Pick Your Own Closed on Sunday 5th July 2020

We are closing to allow more fruit to ripen prior to releasing more vouchers. We will review the fields tomorrow evening to determine whether we open and if so how many spaces to offer for Monday.



Strawberries £5.50/kg

Raspberries, Cherries, Tummelberries/Loganberries £6.99/kg

Currants £4.50/kg

Over 65s can enter the fields without booking between 09:00 and 09:30 and exit no later than 10:00am. (weekdays only)

Everyone else is required to book, vouchers to be released at 7pm. 

PYO Progress 2020 Report 

The Corona crisis broke very soon after we had planted the thousands of plants in our strawberry fields, and when the lockdown came we seriously wondered whether we would be able to offer PYO at all this year. After a lot of consultation and consideration we came up with a way we felt would enable us to offer PYO while still keeping our customers and staff safe. Please click on the link to the PYO Explained video below for a more detailed description of the process.

A major part of the process was a booking system requiring the purchase of a fruit voucher before coming. This enables us to stop the field becoming overcrowded. Please click on the link to the PYO Booking Process Explained video below.

You do need to purchase picking vouchers from the ticketing website and how and when these vouchers are released for sale is set out below. I am afraid we cannot alter the fact that demand exceeds supply but we do strive to make sure everyone has an equal chance to get tickets.

Vouchers to pick will only be released for the next day. Every evening, after closing, we will assess the amount of ripe fruit in the field and then decide how many vouchers it would be appropriate to release to enable that fruit to be picked the next day (it may be, occasionally, that we decide that we need to remain closed for a day or two if ripe fruit is scarce). An email will then be sent to subscribers to our email list (you can subscribe at this website) saying that tickets will shortly be relased to the ticketing system, and there will be a link to the ticketing system at the bottom of the email. You will then be able to try to purchase tickets and everyone will have an equal chance to be successful. Inevitably, with the current demand, they will sell out quickly and you may be unsuccessful.  If you have been successful on previous occasions we would suggest that you hold back to allow others to succeed this time.

To keep it fair to everybody I am afraid we cannot take individual or advance bookings.


Please remember you can only attend if you have managed to purchase a fruit voucher and book a time slot.

 - Over 65s can now attend between 09:00 and 09:30 and exit fields by 10:00 without having to book on Mondays to Fridays only, subject to fruit availability

If you haven't visited this year it is well worth viewing our video explaining the process for 2020.

If you missed out this time it is well worth signing up to our mailing list to receive an email when fruit vouchers are released.

There is more infomation on the PIcking Your Own page

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