Picking Your Own

Pick Your Own from 19th July

The main PYO season is now over. For the time being, during the hours listed below,  customers may still look for some raspberries, blackcurrants and plums (there are some early varieties but the majority are Victorias which will be ready later in the summer)

Please note customers may only pick the fruits mentioned above. Please do not pick any other fruits you may find. In particular DO NOT pick any apples, we do not offer PYO apples at any time. Thank you.

Picking hours are as follows, please take your fruit to the farm shop in the yard for weighing and paying before the shop closes

Monday to Thursday and Saturday 9 to 4:45

Friday 9 to 5:45

Sunday 10 to 3:45


Download our PYO calendar. (seasons vary from year to year - this is only a guide)

Please check our website or our answerphone before you travel to ensure that we are open and your chosen fruits are available. You can sign up to our email alerts at the top right of the page if viewing on a PC or, if viewing on a phone, scroll down to the bottom

Please note that whilst we want everyone to enjoy their PYO experience, we will not tolerate people (including children) helping themselves with no intention of paying for the fruit they pick. This is stealing and is the cause of the closure of many PYO farms in recent years. All picked fruit must be paid for. The fruit is yours to eat once you have paid for it.

Mary and her friends looking for the last of the season’s strawberries