Picking your own

The 2017 Pick Your Own season has not started yet. We usually start around mid-June but this can vary by as much as two weeks either way, depending on the weather.

When a firm start  date is know it will be posted here.


Download our PYO calendar.


Join our email alert service, and please check our website or our answerphone before you travel to ensure that we are open and your chosen fruits are available.

Please note that whilst we want everyone to enjoy their PYO experience, we will not tolerate people (including children) helping themselves with no intention of paying for the fruit they pick. This is stealing and is the cause of the closure of many PYO farms in recent years. All picked fruit must be paid for. The fruit is yours to eat once you have paid for it.

Mary and her friends looking for the last of the season’s strawberries

Tea at the Bee

Enjoy a delicious farmhouse style afternoon tea at the Bee Shed, served Tuesday-Sunday from 2.30-3.30pm.