Picking Your Own

Wednesday 20th June - the Pick Your Own continues. Open today from 9 to 5

We have strawberries at £4.99/kg

and redcurrants at £3.99/kg

Gooseberries are finished

Other crops to follow

Please note that availability can change from day to day and we may not be open every day. For this reason we recommend that you get up to date information that we are open before travelling. You can hear a recorded message that is updated daily by calling 01245 353021 option 3.

You can also keep in touch by signing up to our email alerts at the top right of every page on our website, if viewing on a PC or Mac, or, if viewing on your phone scroll to the bottom - we will send out an email to all subscribers as soon as there is any new PYO information. We will also keep you in touch with other farm events. We won't share your details with anyone else and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

A note about parking.

If you came at peak times last year you will know that the car park can get completely full. If this happens this year we will be opening the gate on the other side of the road, opposite the entrace to the farm yard, and will direct cars into the orchard. The track you will drive on is one way. Please just follow the signs to parking - you will come to a field, just after making a 90 degree turn to the right, where you can park. Then you will need to walk back up the track, cross the road (with care!) and walk into the pick your own.

Please drive slowly on the track looking out for children and pedestrians.

When you drive out, keep following the track and, at the end, turn right onto the lane, this will bring you back to Beehive Lane.



Download our PYO calendar. (seasons vary from year to year - this is only a guide)

Please check our website or our answerphone before you travel to ensure that we are open and your chosen fruits are available. You can sign up to our email alerts at the top right of the page if viewing on a PC or, if viewing on a phone, scroll down to the bottom

Please note that whilst we want everyone to enjoy their PYO experience, we will not tolerate people (including children) helping themselves with no intention of paying for the fruit they pick. This is stealing and is the cause of the closure of many PYO farms in recent years. All picked fruit must be paid for. The fruit is yours to eat once you have paid for it.

Mary and her friends looking for the last of the season’s strawberries

Tea at the Bee

Enjoy a delicious farmhouse style afternoon tea at the Bee Shed, served Monday-Sunday from 2.30-3.30pm.

(Not available during Pick Your Own season)