Apple Pie & Apple Cake Competition

Supported by W and H Marriage and Sons, Master Millers of Chelmsford

Competition rules

The competition has four categories

  • Best apple pie (16 and over)
  • Best apple cake (16 and over)
  • Best apple pie (under 16*)
  • Best apple cake (under 16*)

In addition, for the first time this year, special prizes may be awarded for best gluten free and Showstopper entries.

*Under 16 – entrants must be under the age of 16 on October 22nd 2016. The entry must be all their own work.

All entries must contain English apples but can contain any combination of other ingredients.

Entries should be a maximum of 10 inches (23 cm) in diameter.

Entries may be displayed on any plate/dish. It is the responsibility of the entrant to name their own dish and collect it within one week of the event.

All entries must be received between 9am on Friday 21st October and 11am on Saturday 22nd October. No entries can be accepted after this time as judging will be underway.

An entrant may enter both a cake and pie, but only one of each.

An entry form will be given to each entrant when they bring the cake or pie to Lathcoats which will include a requirement to state whether or not they wish to donate their entry to the fundraising sell off. This is a personal choice and does not affect the judging!

It is the responsibility of each entrant to identify any known allergens used in their recipe e.g. nuts, eggs, wheat flour as with the permission of the entrant we will sell off entries after the competition to raise funds for The Country Trust, a national education charity bringing the working countryside alive for those children least able to access it..

We expect to announce the results at approximately 1pm on Saturday 17th October. Winners who are not present at that time will be notified so that they can come and collect their prize at a later date.

The judges’ decision is final.

We will assume, unless otherwise informed that all winners consent to their name and photo being used for publicity purposes on social media, the website and by the local media e.g. Essex Chronicle.

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