Coronavirus latest update

Posted 20 March 2020

The Bee Shed Coffee House is now closed until further notice. We have such a great bunch of customers and we look forward to seeing you all again when things get better.

In the farm shop we continue to try and offer a good range of fruit and vegetables and groceries. We have made some changes this evening to try and help with social distancing. We have moved several displays out to make more space. We have also removed the bulk dispensers for the time being as their operation requires a lot of hand contact.

We would also ask our customers to play their part in maximising social distancing and we would be very grateful if only one family member comes into the shop. If you are shopping with a partner or family please can everyone else stay in the car or perhaps go and say hello to the animals.

Can we also ask you to stay behind the line in front of the tills until it your turn to be served and try to maintain your distance between fellow queuers.

Regarding availability this weekend, we are hopeful of getting a decent amount of fruit and veg tomorrow morning and we have potatoes but I am afraid we have no eggs, no meat (a little bit of bacon at the time of writing) and no pasta or rice. We should have more eggs on Monday, more meat on Wednesday/Thursday. We can't seem to get any pasta or rice at the moment.